What’s VISION+

VISION+ is a global initiative that reaffirms vivo’s long-term commitment to leadership in mobile photography technology. At the heart of VISION+ is the concept of “JOY IMAGE” with a unique focus on celebrating our culture and emotions.

Through VISION+ we at vivo, aspire to build a visual content ecosystem for mobile photography enthusiasts like you. It will enable us to walk with you through the journey of education, content co-creation and cultural exchanges.


We understand what photography means to you and how it has changed significantly in the last decade. Whereas, earlier photography was majorly about capturing just a few highlights of life, today it has transformed to documenting every instance of our lives and has become an essential part of our everyday life.

This is the reason we are channelizing our energies to build VISION+ – a platform that seamlessly brings together our camera innovation leadership and your passion for photography.



Pillars of VISION+

The VISION+ ecosystem encapsulates vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards, vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Academy, vivo VISION+ Master Class and vivo VISION+ Photographers’ Federation.

The vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards were launched globally in partnership with National Geographic in 2020. These awards aspire to give more people a medium of visual self-expression and the opportunity to document highlights of their lives and culture.

The vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Academy is a photography education initiative that aims to bring an artistic and cultural exchange platform closer to you. Through the Academy, photography enthusiasts like you will learn to discover, understand, and convey the creative spirit of mobile photography. The Academy will invite world-class photographers to conduct Masterclasses to inspire you to transcend from capturing the tangible objective world to an intangible, subjective world that is embellished with emotions and feelings.

The vivo VISION+ Photographers’ Federation will unite like-minded photographers around the world. vivo hopes to collaborate with talented creators to explore the limitless possibilities of mobile photography, which will ultimately contribute to technological advancements and aesthetic developments in vivo products.

Envisioned as a unique initiative with global impact, vivo VISION+ is a significant step in our journey to encourage artists* to focus on emotions and experiences and give them a platform where their creative output can be witnessed by the world.

*An artist is anyone who views Mobile Photography as an Art.